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Mar 25, 2018

No Partiality

Passage: Acts 9:23-10:33

Preacher: Steve Lombardo

Series: Unfinished


Acts: The story continues...
The healing of Aeneas, Tabitha raised to life,
and the Gentiles are saved!

Challenges in Interpreting the Book of Acts
   1.  Is the text prescriptive or descriptive?
   2.  What was the author's (Luke's) intent?
   3.  The Book of Acts as a model:
         [T]his triumphant, joyful, forward-moving expansion
         of the gospel into the Gentile world, empowered by
         the Holy Spirit and resulting in changed lives and 
         local communities [is] God's intent for the continuing
         church (How the Read the Bible for All It's Worth,
         Fee & Stuart, p.119).

God shows no partiality. (This is descriptive and prescriptive in the text.)
   1.  In our lives
   2.  In our communities

We are called to be like God.
   1.  How we live our lives
   2.  How we "do" church